Friday, 21 February 2014

At last, ScopeTool v1.0 has been uploaded to those nice people at Apple.

There's been a bit of a delay in getting it off to them as time has been sucked by a whole host of non-app calls on our time, but the feeling of satisfaction is there all the same; let's just hope it survives the testing process!

Hopefully in a week or so the app will be live on the App Store. Before then we'll be putting up a page about the app, giving a quick overview of the screens. We'll also be sharing thoughts about the first tools that'll be added, and would love your input on this.

Also, if anyone out there can help with translation of the app text, we'd love to provide a localised version so more people can use ScopeTool in their native language. We've got some languages covered, but would appreciate any offers of help with:

  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian

Let us know if you can assist!

1 comment:

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